Welcome to Amit Ayush

Centre of excellence for treatment and research in Neuropsychiatry & Mental Health Care, is a privately run clinic providing complete solution for neuropsychiatric and mental health problems. The centre is located at easily accessible prime location in Patna which is the state capital of Bihar, India. We strive to provide quality care and clinical excellence.


Depression affects so many people that the vast majority of us have known or will know a person in the family...

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Autism Disorder

The autism spectrum disorders are more common in the pediatric population than are some better known disorders...

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Sexual Disorders

Sexual dysfunctions prevent or reduce an individual's enjoyment of normal sex and prevent or reduce...

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Stress Management

Stress is the "wear and tear" our bodies experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment...

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Q. Can the mental illness be treated?

A. The answer to this question is a definitive ‘yes’.

Q. Will the doctor prescribe psychiatric drugs?

A. It depends on the assessment done and expertise of the doctor.

Q. Will I be addicted to these drugs?

A. Most of the psychiatric drugs are non-addicting.

Q. Will the medication cause side-effects?

A. Psychiatric medications could cause significant side-effects if prescribed in higher dosage.

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Why Us?

– Quality of services

– Experience and qualification of our mental health experts

– Holistic approach to treatment

– All the psychiatric and psychological services under one roof

– Strong emphasis in ethical treatment using biopsychosocial approach

– Strong sense of responsibility towards clients, family members and society

– Unlike corporate multispecialty hospitals where psychiatry is not the core area of treatment, we primarily deal with psychiatric and psychological issues in great depth and thus improving the treatment outcome